About the IRNITC

The Iran National Ion Therapy Center is the first cancer treatment radiation center with the proton and carbon in Iran and the Middle East, which is equipped with a synchrotron accelerator and is located on a land of more than 117,000 square meters in the Karaj. The synchrotron accelerator will be provided by an Austrian company (MedAustron).

In May 2017, the center was inaugurated in the presence of the Vice President, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Health and Medical Education of Iran, as well as the Ambassador of Austria, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the CEO of MedAustron.

IRNITC will be able to provide about 9,000 sessions of radiation therapy to more than 1,200 patients annually. The center is currently being equipped and built-in collaboration with the Austrian company called MedAustron, and will reach its nominal capacity within six years later. IRNITC will have one research room in addition to three treatment rooms, the center will allow researchers to conduct medical physics and applied physics researches.