The Advantage Of Proton/Ion Therapy Over Photon Therapy

Proton / ion therapy has two main advantages over photon therapy:


A: Increasing the dose reached the tumor / cancerous tissue

With proton / ion therapy, the dose of the tumor area / cancer tissue can be increased without increasing the dose in the surrounding healthy tissues as much. This is especially useful for tumors that are more likely to be treated at higher doses. For these tumors, conventional radiation therapy is impossible because the risk of serious side effects is very high.


B: Reduce the dose of healthy tissue

In this method, compared to conventional radiation therapy, the dose transferred to healthy tissue is reduced, while the dose remains constant in the tumor / cancerous tissue. Reducing the dose of healthy tissue can reduce the total dose received by the patient and reduce the side effects of the risk of new cancer (secondary tumor). In proton / ion therapy, the reduction in the risk of side effects varies from patient to patient. Side effects can vary from very mild symptoms, such as temporary anesthesia, to more serious side effects, such as blindness, based on some parameters, including the patient’s dose.