Treatment Procedure

Who will go to the Ion Therapy Centers for treatment?

It is not possible for patients to go directly to Iran Ion therapy Center. The patient should first go to an oncologist-radiotherapist, and if the oncologist-radiotherapist determines that treatment with protons or ions (as the only treatment or in combination with other methods) is appropriate, he/she is referred to the center by the relevant physician and radiation therapy begins. It becomes.


How many treatment sessions are appropriate for each patient?

The number of treatment sessions and the dose for each patient depends on the type, size, shape, and location of the tumor/cancerous tissue. But in general, an average of 25-30 sessions of radiation therapy is considered for each patient.


How long does each treatment session last?

 In each session, the total time of radiation that the patient is exposed is about 2-3 minutes, which will be determined according to the treatment plan. However, due to the fact that the tumor/cancerous tissue may be irradiated from several angles, and according to the time required to prepare and adjust the patient’s position relative to the location of the beam, the estimated time for each irradiation session is 30 minutes.